By Bus

Directions by bus

All buses arrive at the bus station located in Calle Los Herrán. Its exact address and telephone are as follows:

Addres: C) Los Herrán, 50 Vitoria-Gasteiz

Phone +34 945 25 84 00

To help you decide whether a bus journey would be convenient for you, here some information about travelling times from different European cities to Vitoria-Gasteiz:

France Paris 12-13 62 Mon-Wed-Fri  
  Marsella 12-13 65 Tu-Th-Sa  
Belgium Brussels 17-18 122 Tu-Fri Utrecht, Amsterdam, La Haya, Rotterdam, Breda, Eindhoven, Amberes, Gante, Kortrijk, Lille, Lieja and Mons.
Germany Munich 24-25 122 Mo-We-Fri Ausburg, Ulm, Suttgart, Pforzheim; Karlsruhe, Ludwishafen, Kaiserslautern, Nuremberg, Mainz, Ludwigshafen, Saarbrücken, Metz and Reims
Frankfurt 19-20 115
Switzerland Geneve 14-15      
Portugal Lisboa 12-14      
Spain Madrid 3-4 24-37 Daily  

Note about the fares:
The prices may be 10 euros more in July.
Discount of 20% in round trips tickets and important discounts in advance booking:

Days of advance booking Discount
+ 60 75%
+30 50%
+10 25%
+5 20%

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The bus that links Bilbao and the airport is Bizkaibus A3247, a yellow urban bus whose departure point is Termibús.
At the airport, the departure point is the stop in front of the Arrivals Terminal, and ends its route at the Termibús.
The buses to Vitoria-Gasteiz have their departure point at Termibus. The operating company is LA UNION, there is a bus nearly every our and it’s about 5 euros.


There is a daily bus from Madrid-Barajas to Irun that stops in Vitoria (runned by Alsa/Continental Auto). It departs at 6:15 and arrives at 11:30.  (see ). Alternatively, you can go from the airport to Madrid by metro and then from Madrid to Vitoria by bus. Maybe cheaper.
At Madrid-Barajas airport take the metro (about 2 euros) line 8 direction Nuevos Ministerios. At MAR DE CRISTAL change to line 4 direction Argüelles, stop at the AV(ENI)DA DE AMERICA.
At the Avenida America Bus Station, go up to the 1st stage (Largo Recorrido). The bus to Vitoria is runned by Continental-Auto. It is 24 or 37 euros, depending on the bus. (see )


At the Bus Station, you can take the urban bus nº 2, named CIRCUMBALACION 2 and stop at the end of the line: MENDIZORROTZA

Next map shows how to arrive from Bus Station (point A) to EJC (point B).