Can you imagine a convention without circus tents? Performances without sound technicians? Renegade without beer? A bar without bar staff? Rubbish bins that do not get emptied? Paperless bathrooms? What about the site without sign posts?

Well, the EJC needs your help so that this does not happen. The EJC is a convention organised by jugglers for jugglers and needs the help and collaboration of many volunteers who take on these and other tasks. It sounds simple and easy, but it is not, everything that happens in the EJC is organized and overseen by volunteers.

Everyone can and should volunteer. At a week long convention with many hours to juggle and relax everybody can spare two hours of time to lend a hand to help the convention work properly?  Also throughout the convention it would be good if jugglers make small gestures of help and collaboration to ensure that the EJC runs smoothly.

We also require some volunteers a few days earlier to set up the site, building  big tops, decorating, fencing  the enclosure, lighting etc.…… The convention needs people who know everything or nothing, so we think anyone is qualified to help!

In addition to helping the convention, your hours of volunteering will be a way to meet jugglers and friends from around the world. After two hours of badge control, you can meet more people than if you make a round the world trip!!!!

With your help, we can ensure that the EJC is the biggest and best event of the juggling world, with nine nights of camping, entertainment, 24 hours halls, all this for a week at a very affordable price!

During the convention there will be a volunteers desk where you can sign up to be a volunteer.  If you want to come and help with the set up of the site you must sign up before arrival, you must send us an email to let us know what you can help with .